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Prof. Dr. Geerd Weyer

Prof. Dr. Geerd Weyer had extensive academic and industry experience when he founded ICRC-Weyer in 1993. Drawing back on his core expertise in research methodology, including psychometrics and statistics, he started out with consulting services to support clients from the pharmaceutical industry in their clinical study projects. Expanding from this basis, Prof. Weyer developed a team of clinical research professionals who provide a broad range of services in the domains of clinical and medical data management, biometrics, medical writing and pharmacovigilance. Under his lead, the company’s business grew continuously over the years and in 2010 the firm was incorporated as the limited liability company “ICRC-Weyer GmbH”.

As Managing Director, Prof. Weyer leads and supervises the company’s operations and as scientific consultant he provides advice and support for clinical research activities. Since 2011, he shares responsibilities for the management of the company with his son Johann Daniel who became the second Managing Director.

Prof. Weyer acted as referee for the re-accreditation of the MSc program “Clinical Trial Management” at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin and supervises bachelor theses at the PAREXEL Academic Institute/Medical School, Berlin. He is the author of the German version of the Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS) and the well-known CIPS compendium of psychiatric rating scales (5th and 6th edition).


Johann Daniel Weyer

Johann Daniel Weyer started his career in clinical research while still attending school. From 1993 on, when his father originally founded ICRC-Weyer, he worked in manual data entry and assorted administrative odd jobs, checking, filing and archiving company and study documents. He went on to holding various associate level positions mainly in data management and started to specialize in medical coding and manual data validation while also attending foundation courses in medicine. In 2005, he developed ICRC-Weyer’s medical review system, which he continued to manage and refine as the head of the company’s medical data management group. The potential effects of medical reviews on data quality also were the topic of his bachelor’s thesis. With the incorporation of ICRC-Weyer as a limited liability company (German GmbH), he took over more management responsibilities from his father.

Today, he is a partner in the company and holds the position of Managing Director. In addition to his role in directing the company, he manages core clinical projects and provides expert consulting on medical data management topics.

He teaches at the PAREXEL Academic Institute/Medical School Berlin and the FORUM Institut.


Alongside the family-based well-run management there is a team of multidisciplinary specialists, who are experienced in a wide range of study phases and indications. Our team consists of biologists, biotechnologists, clinical research professionals, mathematicians, psychologists and biostatisticians among others. Our employees are the most important resource and therefore our driving force. They have a close relationship to the company, its goals and the ICRC-Weyer management.

Our team is encouraged to contribute to the company’s development and to actively increase their own potential in the economic interest of our company as well as for their personal evolvement. We strive for an early recruitment of top-of-their-class future professionals to extend and form our team.

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